Thursday, 29 March 2012

Shoey's New Favorite Song:

She actually sings the chorus! 
*Hopefully a video is coming soon!*

What's New:

Houston: We have a bathroom door!
I'm on the verge of having an idea for the glass in these Tardis doors...
I DO really love these doors, they look like they belong in this house!
 Kitchen curtains!
We're "embracing" the florescent green!

  • We survived our first week (4 days) of living while Marc is away on business. It went pretty well!
  • Have I mentioned I love old houses?! 
  • I think it's time to paint the second living room!
  • I had my first Thirty One party and it was CRAZY! (in a good way) 
  • Baseball practices have officially started...DRATS...or, I mean, Yay!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Before & After: Living Room Addition

(you can see a little the beige ceiling in this one)

Fixing holes and corners

So.much.sun. (not complaining)

I made these!

Gallery wall, a work in progress.
Because of the sun the lighting is a little weird in most of these pictures. But, the "gallery wall"  is actually the closest to the actual color. I love how it turned out! And trust me I had my doubts, especially since I picked out the wall color MONTHS before I picked out the curtain fabric, etc. But I'm really, really happy! Isn't it amazing how much difference a little paint can make?! Now on to the next living room...

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

It's Happening...

The first living room has a nice beige ceiling! It, however, looks hideous with the gold walls. :-) And yes! You did read that right. I, Korleen, bought my very first gallon of beige paint. I'm not sure how I feel about it. :-) Just kidding! It's going to look amazing! I'm excited because I have a ceiling tall enough that I can paint it any color other than white! And so it begins. 

There's a long road of painting ahead.

Monday, 5 March 2012

The Mama files: I think..

..18 months is the best age of all! 
The red boots that go with everything!
I love this picture! 
EVERY.single.thing about it! 
I feel like there's so much of our story in this mess!

Haphazardly disregarded snow gear, 
Xavier's catch all bag, 
Leia's packed sleepover things,  
and a sweet little baby girl traipsing though the middle of it all! 

That IS our life! 
I'm embracing it!
I hope you're doing the same! 

Thursday, 1 March 2012


We've been pretty busy the last few weeks doing these things:

we're renovating our garden a little this spring
 Enjoying our friends
Rachael isn't a big fan of the paparazzi!

Those may or may not be google eyes on my son!

A table for 9 please!
 Playing in the snow
Gaius and Xav made an igloo

Marc hard at work! (please disregard the giant laundry pile in the background, it was laundry day)
Tutorial coming soon!
 Copy Catting 
Baby needs a change!