Monday, 24 October 2011

Monday Meandering

Today is gloomy, it puts me in a bad mood. Isn't it weird how weather can do that to you?

We started jacking the house last week, as always it's turning into a bigger and more expensive project that anticipated. It's going to take several weeks for it to be completely done.  *sigh*

I finally decided what I wanted for drapes in the living rooms. I love them, as in LOVE-love them. Now to just paint the walls....another project for another week.

We finally met our new nephew/cousin, Jackson, this weekend! He's a cutie! It's hard to believe Shoey was his size last year at this time. She's such a- huge, get into everything, "talk" your ear off, baby now. 

Gaius told me this morning "Mom! I love you more". When I asked more then what, he said "Peanut Butter"! I like it! I think that might end up being a long standing family joke!

We're having our first house guests this coming should be interesting. We'll see how 12 people fit into this know just in case we decide we want to have 6 more kids! :-) Just really....I'm kidding!!! :-)

SO I should probably get back to my cleaning. 
grouchy Happy Monday!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Recipe for Disaster

A Helper

Peanut Buter


A sense of adventure

green chilies
 artichoke hearts
 truffle oil
 Mix and bake at room temperature.

"Ah! Now there's room to fit!"

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The Day Roo Made a New Friend

Sometimes in life all I can do is laugh....not because something is particularly funny but just because there's no other reaction I can possibly muster. Tonight I had one of those moments!
    Today when I came home from a staff development day at school I came home to a stinky house. At first I thought it smelled like skunk and then I thought it smelled like dog poop. I didn't find either so I just assumed my dog was having a terrible case of intestinal gas (which is fairly normal for him). <----Can you already guess where we're going with this story?!
   Later Xavier told me he thought he saw a skunk crawl under the neighbor's shed, to which I just shrugged and said "Are you sure? Because, I doubt there would be one out at 2 in the afternoon." He dropped it and I didn't really think about it again.
   So at dinner when the dog asked to go out I thought nothing of it, I let him out and went on my merry way. When we were just about ready to sit down to eat Xavier went to take the trash out and comes in hysterica,l saying "There's a skunk! There's a skunk! And it's after Rufus!" I look out the window and sure enough there's a Hooded Skunk (I googled it) following our dog around the yard. First thing I did was (think"Man! Why couldn't have been NEXT week when Marc would've been home) text Marc. Then I  started tracking it from window to window inside my house trying to decide the best course of action. I realized that if I yelled through our window the command "Leave it" to our dog then he would back away but the skunk would just follow him to where ever he would go. At one point the skunk took off toward the woods and I thought we were in the clear...but then it turned right around and headed back into Roo's boundaries. At this point I knew I was going to need some help of the grown male variety. So I texted one of Marc's brothers and thankfully he came right over with another brother right behind him. They were able to get our dog and leash him to the front porch and then eventually kill the skunk and bury it up in the woods. Thankfully I don't think our dog actually did get sprayed but he did smell mildly skunky so I washed him down anyway. Unfortunately our house wasn't so lucky and the whole left side of it REEKS!!! It's seriously so bad I can barely stomach it. Lets hope the predicted rain comes soon to wash the stink away!

Oh my life!


Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Today when we where leaving MOPS Leia asked me "Mom, why are you so happy?" This sort of caught me off guard but i responded with "I don't know, I guess because I got to spend time with my friends. Why are you so happy?" "I'm happy because you're happy" she answered. :-)

Seriously i can't say enough about our MOPS group! Everyone really needs to join their local chapter, you can find it *here*! And if your kiddos are too big, then see if  you can get involved in another way (volunteers?!) you won't be sorry!

Off Topics:
  1.  I am LOVING the updates to blogger! But then again I didn't mind the recent changes to facebook that everyone seemed to loathe so much, so maybe I'm the only one.
  2. Gaius is doing a lot better and we now have a plan for managing his Asthma so next time it won't be so traumatic. 
  3. I love fall- and the fruits and veggies that come with it!
  4. For some reason I have this one line from a song running through my head over and over "When I was 17 it was a very good year..." Frank Sinatra is haunting me!
  5. Less then 2 weeks and Marc finally has some vacation time!!!! It's been a loooong summer.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Day 3...

...of Gaius on Prednisone.
 Life is definitely interesting! 
I've been on Pred a million times before because of Asthma attacks so I can relate to my little guy. 
**Enter side effects amplified by 1000!** 
We are on an emotional roller coaster people!!!
When Gaius is not laughing or crying hysterically over anything and everything, he is flitting from one thing to the next in record time. For example, yesterday Gaius comes running into my room with his piggie bank screaming at the top of his lungs "MOM! YOU'VE GOT TO HELP ME GET THIS OPEN SO I CAN GIVE DADDY A DOLLAR FOR HIS BIRTHDAY!!!"
But before I even had a chance to pry the cork off the bottom of the pig he was running off to his room to "get dressed for church". Five minutes later when I went in to check on him he's standing there in only underwear playing trains with his church clothes in a pile forgotten on the floor.
Today has been more of the same except for, the icing on the cake, when we went to my parents and he literally ran from one side of their house to the other for 20 minutes straight!
He resembles the boy from the movie "The Incredibles"!
Thankfully hyper activity sort of cracks me up and I know after tomorrow we'll have to deal with the emotional carnage known as "coming off of steroids"!
Today I'm just going to bask in the craziness that is known as my life!
It would be quite frightening it if wasn't so entertaining!