Monday, 25 June 2012

The Mama Files: Right of Passage

Last week our 3 oldest kids slept in a tent in the back yard. I had my doubts that they would make it the whole night, but they did! Marc, on the other hand did not. He crawled in with them at about 12:30 because he didn't want to leave them alone. They all mentioned that they were really surprised to see him in the morning. :-)
A sea turtle one of my nieces and I made

Fifth grade!!!!! What?! When exactly did  I get old enough to have a 5th grader? It sounds so old...and exciting, and new, and a little bit scary.

Xavier found a drift wood "K"
We finished school!!! So far our big summer plans consist of a couple kids going to summer camp, learning how to Double Dutch, brushing up on our soccer skills, and a little potty train (maybe). Oh, and lots and lots of running for me!!! Sounds like fun!

Pajamas on the beach?! Yes please!
The birthday (adoption day?) of the Sears House was Saturday. I can't believe how quickly a year goes by. I was trying to think of all the stuff we've done since moving in and was kind of discouraged because it doesn't seem like a lot. But we have jacked up the house, painted 2 rooms, installed a bathroom door, moved the washer into the downstairs bathroom (I'm still waiting for the dryer to be moved) and put in a new toilet in the upstairs bathroom. So I guess there was some progress.

In other news, Gaius has a wiggly tooth! Which may or maybe be from him whacking is mouth on our kitchen table. Oy vey!

And that is what's on my mind! Happy Monday!

Camping day 2

Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Mama Files: My Favorites

I've been feeling sentimental lately.
 I just emptied my camera's memory card onto my computer and these are the top 5 shots I wanted to remember on there. 

Everyday it feels like Gaius empties out his room into the living room. There is never less then 10 stuffed animals on this chair by lunch time. It would be really annoying if it wasn't so cute!

Xavier is a hard worker, and he's S-M-A-R-T! He got the best of me and Marc because he's super-duper easy going (my trait) and very intelligent (Marc's).  He asked me to take a picture of this 100 after having several weeks of 95's in math. 

I adore this picture! I know one day Leia is going to hate it because her buck teeth are on display, but I absolutely love it! She had a concert at school and she sang with all her heart! It was so adorable and it made my heart swell! It's really true what they say about having the right teacher, because our new music teacher has done wonders for my children!

I love this girl! She's getting so big and talks so much now, and shows off like you wouldn't believe! She thinks she's a big kid, which is both good and bad (like when she tries to follow the 3½ year old up the rock wall on the playground). But she still loves her mama most!